Sprint Freight and Logistics / Lochert Transport

Company Profile

Sprint Freight and Logistics is a part of Lochert Bros Pty. Ltd. a business based in the Riverland Fruit Growing region. The business Started when Emil Lochert who Emigrated to Australia From Alsace and started growing fruit and Vegetables.

In 1950 when there was a train strike Emil started delivering his own produce to fruit and Vegetable shops in the South East of South Australia. From there the business of fruit packing and Transport grew. In 1961 the Business was taken over by Emil’s three sons and Lochert Bros Began. The business of fruit packing and Transport continued to grow, in 1998 Robert Lochert took over the company from his brothers and James Lochert His son started working in the business and took over the running of the transport operations.LochertCrusta Aerial photo Nov99

The Transport operations running under the banner of Lochert transport continued to grow, in 2008 we found the need to establish a overnight freight service serving the Riverland  from Adelaide as there were a number of our customers looking for an alternative to the current operators who were not providing the service levels that they require. This new Express freight service rapidly grew on the basis of customers receiving better service and being able to communicate with people who cared and could give answers. The Sunraysia region was quickly added to our service area. As our customers required we then added the South East to the areas covered.

Sprint Freight and Logistics is a third generation family transport business who care about your freight and your business, and we will do our best to satisfy your transport requirements. In each of the regions we use local operators to carry out the delivery process, giving you a local who cares about your freight requirements.     

Photo: Lochert Bros Depot Ramco